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Hi friends if you searching for the Resisting Happiness book Pdf to download then you are in right place I will halite and sum up some important points from the book so stay on reading.

“If you do not, you will not.”

Many psychologists believe that being happy is something that should come naturally. But according to research, human beings generally don’t experience true happiness. They are often confused by their feelings and struggle to define them or even recognize them. This makes it difficult to overcome negative emotions and achieve lasting wellbeing and happiness. As a result, they turn back to old habits and repeat the same behaviours over and over.

“The reason most of us fail to achieve real and sustainable change in our lives is because we focus too much on the desired outcome and not enough on the progress we are making.”

Happiness is not a feeling but a state of mind. People who practice mindfulness can experience happiness every day, because they are aware of what they are experiencing at the moment. In other words, happiness is not something you get, it is something you give yourself. This means you need to change how you see things to feel happier.

What Matthew Kelly Want To Say From this Book

Matthew Kelly is a writer who spent years trying to figure out how he was going to make his life happy. After years of suffering from anxiety and depression, he finally decided to take matters into his own hands and began looking at what he could do to change things around. In his book Resisting Happiness, he explains this journey and shares his thoughts and experiences along the way. He talks about having a positive outlook and being grateful for the little things in life, such as taking time to enjoy nature, eating well, and exercising. He even shares some advice on how to deal with difficult situations and how to overcome obstacles.

Resisting Happiness Summary by Matthew Kelly

Are you overwhelmed? Do you procrastinate? Do you sometimes feel like you are your own worst enemy? Are you ignoring your dreams? Have you lost the courage to truly be yourself? Do you feel that your life lacks meaning and purpose? Do you find yourself avoiding the real issues in your life and focusing on the superficial?

This is not a book of theory. Resisting Happiness is a deeply personal, disarmingly transparent look at why we sabotage our own happiness and what to do about it.

“The hardest war to win is one you don’t even realize you are fighting, and the hardest enemy to defeat is the one you don’t even know exists. Every day you are at war with resistance.”

We all experience these feelings and doubts from time to time. But do you know what to do when you experience them? In this fascinating book, Matthew Kelly, uses his signature combination of the profound and the practical, to help us understand why we feel these things and how to rise above them. Breaking through resistance, Kelly tells us, is essential to becoming the-best-version-of-ourselves and living with passion and purpose.

The book ‘Resisting Happiness‘ by Matthew Kelly discusses the various ways in which we tend to resist happiness in our lives. It covers the reasons why we might seek out experiences or situations that may make us feel happy, yet still find ourselves unable to embrace these feelings wholeheartedly. These reasons include how certain people or events in our lives have been able to make us feel unhappy over time. Kelly focuses on how this may relate to our own individual psychology, and then explores some methods to overcome this problem. He also explains how even though we may not want to be happy, it is likely that we would rather experience less pain than no pain at all.

What is happiness?

Matthew says happiness is feeling contentment that stems from being fulfilled in mind, body, and spirit. He says the best way to find out what makes you happy is to think about what makes you feel bad. If you want something else, then think about what makes you happy.

Matthew says everyone has different ideas of what makes them happy. He says he feels sad when he thinks about dying alone, but happy when he thinks about spending time with family.

“Thoughts create actions. Actions create habits. Habits create character.”

He says you cannot force yourself to be happy. Matthew states that you should learn to identify what makes you happy and then make those things happen. He writes that you may resist changes because you don’t want to take the risk. But you have to realize that change is necessary to achieve happiness.

How do I become happier?

“Destruction always comes from within. It”

Matthew says you have to know who you are before you can become happier. He says you should ask yourself these questions:

– Are you kind, trustworthy, and honest?

– Do you treat others well?

– Is your work fulfilling?

– Is your spiritual life flourishing?

Resisting Happiness Pdf

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