How To Become A Master At Talking To Strangers

How To Become A Master At Talking To Strangers

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For many, talking to strangers can seem intimidating. You don’t know much about them, and they don’t know much about you. Talking to strangers can be fun and easy if you are able to master it.

It is best to not try to talk to strangers, but to learn their conversational style and see what they do. Once you have mastered the art, fake it until you master conversation.

These are some tips to help make it easier to talk to strangers.

Hare are some best tips that are advised from the great author’s book like How to talk to anyone” by Leil Lowndes and How to win friends and influence peopleby Dale Carnegie,

1. Be Open-Minded

Being open-minded is the best way to learn how to communicate with strangers. Try practicing to improve your communication skills with strangers. Start small by approaching people you already know. Ask them about their day. 

If they answer positively, you can ask for 5 minutes of their time. After you are comfortable with this, you can move on to other topics. It may take some practice, but it will become easier.

2. Learn how to listen

Listening is about understanding. You have to ask questions and try to get inside the other person’s mind. This will enable you to come up with answers to their problems and provide solutions for their issues. If you don’t know where to start, just start out by asking simple questions.

For example, you could ask, “What’s wrong?” or “Why did this happen?” These types of questions won’t seem intimidating to most people. In fact, after a while, they may even begin to feel comfortable enough to open up to you!

3. Have Good Conversation Topics

Before you approach someone, be prepared to discuss a range of topics. It’s not a good idea to keep the conversation on one topic. You can keep things interesting by switching between topics. Avoid boring topics such as politics, religion, and any other topic that isn’t of interest to you.

4. Use Conversational Approaches

Practice conversational approaches by using them whenever you meet someone who you want to speak to. Try to use small talk questions like “what do you do?”, “how long have you been here?”, or “how is your day going?” Make sure that these questions do not sound too direct. Instead, let the person answer naturally without any leading questions. The trickiest part of conversation is listening. Always listen to what the other person says and don’t interrupt. That’s when good conversations happen.

5. Be confident

Confidence is about knowing yourself and believing in your abilities. People want to work with confident, self-assured people. You must feel at home in a space when you enter it. You need to be yourself and not allow others to control you.

6. Be In A Group

Groups allow people to learn from one another and uncover hidden talents they didn’t know before. Participate in activities with friends and other groups. People will learn from each other and be able to share their experiences with others.

7. Speak Up

If you don’t talk up, nobody else will either. You have to speak loudly enough so that the person can hear you clearly. If you don’t speak up, then no one will notice you. Just say hello to your friend and strike up a conversation. Say hi to the cashier at the store or greet your waiter while he waits on you. This isn’t a difficult concept to grasp.

8. Ask About Them

It’s not the worst thing to meet someone and have nothing to share. You don’t have to tell long stories about yourself, but that’s okay. Instead, ask them questions about their lives. Ask them about their jobs, how they got there, and so on. Depending on their personality, they may be able to give you interesting trivia. It shows interest in another person and makes them feel good.

9. Don’t overanalyse everything

Although it may seem silly, you should not go into too much detail if you want to start a conversation. Keep it simple. If you’d like to ask someone about their country of origin, do so. Avoid asking too many questions, especially if it’s not necessary.

10. Do Not Be Shy

We were talking about feeling comfortable in your skin. This is a perfect example. Do not be shy about approaching strangers. People are always open to getting to know new people, especially if they make eye-contact. 

While we don’t recommend that you start talking to strangers everywhere, it is a good idea to make eye contact with people you meet. As in all social situations where you are trying to learn something, start off light-hearted. Tell them your name if they ask you what your name is!

11. Get Used To Interacting With New People

In order to become great at talking to strangers, you need to adapt yourself to any situation that involves interacting with someone whom you don’t know well. When you first go to a party, you might feel awkward but with practice, you will eventually figure out how to start conversations with people around you.

So guys, the above list I have collected from books  and other sources of articles and advice from the experts on How To Become A Master At Talking To Strangers .

Books on How To Become A Master At Talking To Strangers

How to Win Friends and Influence People

 Dale Carnegie on his book How to Win Friends and Influence People . He teaches you how to improve your natural abilities to connect with others and thrive, in both personal and professional relationships. Carnegie’s tried-and-true techniques will help to win over others. Avoid creating enemies. Avoid arguments and handle complaints. Maintain a pleasant and smooth relationship. Be a great conversationalist.


Your earning power will increase. You can do so much more. You will change the way you approach relationships and deal with life’s challenges. This timeless classic will appeal to business, self-help and general readers. Dale Carnegie was a public speaker at YMCA New York. He was also a veteran of the US Army during World War 1. His first book was published in 1936. He became a popular speaker and author on self-help topics. His other books include How to Stop Worrying, Start Living, and The Art of Public Speaking.

How to talk to anyone

How to talk to anyone by Leil Lowndes . His fun, humorous, and informative guide will help you improve your interpersonal skills and create great business and personal relationships. Leil Lowndes, an international bestselling author on relationships and a life coach, shares the psychology and secrets behind successful communication in How to Talk to Anyone.

These highly useful and intelligent methods include: How to work a party like a politician. Use key words and phrases as a guide to the conversation. Use body language to connect. This is how you can have successful conversations with anyone at any time.


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